Why Basser’s?

We are a local, family owned, fine wine and craft beer shop. But that is not the only reason to shop with us…

BETTER SELECTION – We carry wines from around the world for you to discover and explore.

BETTER PRICES – Our prices compete with the bigger stores. We don’t just give you better wine, you pay less for it.

NEVER ANY PRIVATE LABELS – We never sell you private labels. We want you to know you are getting the best quality.

HUGE SELECTION –  We carry over 1,200 wines and craft beers for you to choose from. 

TASTING CELLAR FOR PRIVATE EVENTS – We give you a beautiful place to come in, spend time, and be a party of our community.

The Basser’s Difference

For the last few decades in Florida there have only been two kinds of wine shops. One, is your typical grocery or big box store. Unfortunately they are filled with 3 or 4 company’s wines and rarely give you anything special. The second is the “wine cellar” store. They are filled with wines that are intentionally intimidating and if you don’t know every little town in burgundy you can get taken advantage of.

Basser’s fine wine is changing the model. With 50 years of experience we are able to bring you the best of the best, regardless of price, and with no intimidation. So whether you’re looking for an every day wine, something for a special occasion, or to add to your collection, we have what you need at the price you want. Come in…drink better

How We Define “better”

We Focus On Small Family Wineries
We Have A Large Selection of Organic And Biodynamic Wines
We Personally Taste Every Wine In The Store
We Focus On Having An International Selection From All The Best Wine Regions In The World
We Focus On Local Craft Breweries